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We are proud to announce ''” with creative rising stars and dazzling thinkers, who have a passion to grow have come to this unique platform to provide you an ultimate experience. We passionately strive to bring the most unique and premium collection on your screen. A website that serves as a gateway or the main entry point to all the creative stars and thinkers. Our team has a passion to create the best design with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, detailing and quality. We work according to the customer references and requirements..


Do you have a hard to fit shape and know that standard sizes won't fit?

Do you like the design, but the neckline, sleeves or length do not work for you?

If all these sound familiar, you will love Designers hub as it is a custom fashion and craft online platform which gives you the freedom to design and customize your clothing, changing the smallest details possible in any fashion and craft. Though we will do our own collections, we are largely driven to deliver and customize the designs you provide. Our costume and crafts are made in India by the talented fashion designers and crafts artists in their own workshop. We do stock regular sizes, especially hand-crafted by many tailors and artisans with whom we work. You can customize your measurements and style preferences as well as put your personal label on the website. We at the heart of this are trying to make clothing a part of the expression as You are What You Constantly Wear. My Designers Hub is a platform where your products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes can find a platform for showcase as against the assembly line factory processes that give you multiple pieces of the same product. Neither does the product remain unique to you nor do you stay unique to the brand. We link craft based rural producers and local tailors to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India's traditional handicrafts and textile heritage in the process.

"We never dream of success, We work for it because Creativity is Magical not Magic...."